Makoto – A DJ with a Camera

Makoto Shimizu

Our featured photographer this week is someone different – Makoto – a DJ/producer from Japan.

He has been making soulful drum & bass/electronic music for 14+ years, but also can hold his own with camera.

In his own words from a recent interview:

“My hobby is taking photos. To me making music and taking photos are very similar or I would say quite the same.

But I don’t go too deep on photos as much as i do on music, as I know I wouldn’t stop going into details…”

He posts a lot of photos on his Facebook page, and we’ve rounded up some of the best here for your viewing pleasure. Also don’t forget to have a listen to his beautiful and intricately produced music.

Little valley at one of the main temple for Zen Buddhism called Eiheiji in Fukui, Japan. Very calm. 永平寺の谷川。© Makoto

Even I’m not strict Buddhist, I love being in the temple and pray as it really calms me down and encourages me. © Makoto

My cat is trying to think of chords :) © Makoto

Today’s Tokyo Skytree is purple. it changes each other day, purble and blue. Pretty cool :) © Makoto

Rain © Makoto

It was snowing last night in Tokyo. © Makoto

I was really happy to get Teriyaki Chickin with plain japanese white rice in Japanese restaurant in Warsaw. but the white rice was Sushi vinegar rice…failed… © Makoto

The Juno106. Those two Rhodes and Juno are essential for me. © Makoto

One of coolest Japanese castle – Matsumoto castle
松本城 かっこいい。© Makoto

Sunset from the sky. © Makoto

Autumn Tints in Yamanashi, Japan 紅葉 @ 昇仙峡 © Makoto

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