May Photo of the Month: Dancing in the Park

Happy Children’s Day!

Another month has passed, another photo contest is complete. The winner this month is unanimous. This shot by Bruno Nacarato took home top honors by landslide. We like the simple use of lighting (a simple softbox to the right) but also the dynamic sunlight coming in from the background, shining down on the dancers legs The balance of composition, pairing the tree and the dancer opposite one another, as well as the simple black and white color scheme make for a striking photography. Congrats to Bruno! He’ll take home a new set of Trigmasters (our new 2.4Gs at that!).

1st place

Dancing in the Park © Bruno Nacarato

2nd place

We really like the Alice in Wonderland theme here. Click through on the image to see a bunch more shots in the series. Steph did a good job imagining Alice as she crawls into the wormhole. And we are wondering, are these self-portraits?

Alice in Wonderland © Stephotography

3rd place

This HDR shot elicited a few “whoa’s” in the group. The unique color scheme, dramatic subject material, and excellent post processing earned it a spot in the top three this month.

Planet Zion © zPrime

Honorable Mentions

Shooting Star © Steev e0nn


Commandant © Piotr Kaperski

Colzie #2 by Taylor Strohmeyer


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