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Camera Collection @ Cindy MC

If you’re like me, you love cameras. Nearly as much as the art, I love the toys too.


Here is my current collection of cameras – small but growing. You can expect film cameras to grow rapidly in the next year or so!

Main Camera: Canon 6D

This is my primary workhorse. It’s married to a 50mm 1.4, that almost never comes off. This is what I use for paid work, and also carrying around when I don’t mind the bulk and weight (though it’s as light as it gets for full frame). I’m a shallow depth of field freak, and this delivers the goods.

Canon 6D


Backup Camera: Canon 60D

This camera is a nice pair with the 6D because the ergonomics are just about the same. I also love the swiveling screen. It’s actually my go-to studio camera (along with the 18-135 IS) because of this feature, which is uber-useful when working on a tripod. You don’t have to stoop down to see the LCD – I love that feature. Although noise performance is not on the 6D level, you’re usually shooting at low ISOs and high aperture values in the studio anyways, so it doesn’t really matter. Excellent camera which is underrated, in my opinion.

Canon 60D


Hobby Camera: Olympus OM-10

Along with a Zuiko 50 1.4 and 28 2.8, a friend graciously gave this to me a while back, and I’ve only recently really started getting into it. Such a simple, lovely little camera! Because this model is so beaten up, all the pictures come out differently, so you get great surprises with it. The manual focusing is a challenge, but makes it interesting. I can’t recommend film enough! This will soon be upgraded to an OM-2n or similar.

Olympus OM-10 @ Jesse Warren


Pocket Camera: Canon Powershot S100

Long live the Canon S series! This little bad boy is so much fun, it’s often the only camera I leave home with. Fits in a shirt pocket, and has a dazzling array of manual controls. It’s large-ish sensor (for a compact) means better image quality than most, even its direct competitors. They say that camera phones are stealing the market from compacts, and that may be true, but not for me, whom this camera is so much fun to play with.

Canon Powershot S100


Fun Camera: GoPro HD Hero 2 Surf Edition

I haven’t gotten the full potential out of this one yet, and the photo quality leaves a bit to be desired, but the video quality is up there. Mounted on a surfboard, it’s a lot of fun. I just need to use it more often.

GoPro HD Hero 2 Surf Edition

Deceased: Canon 50D, 40D, 30D, S90, G6, A75

So there you have it. What’s in your camera collection? 


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