New Nikon D7000: a Canon 60D killer?

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Nikon D7000

After plenty of speculation and rumors (which mostly proved correct), the Nikon D7000 was announced today. We can’t say it’s a pretty looking camera, but it sure is packed full of features. It comes on the heels of Canon’s own announcement of it’s mid-level DSLR, the EOS 60D, and thus both camera’s are bound to be lumped together in comparisons. The D7000 can be seen as the successor to the D90, or even in a completely new segment. After all, it has many new features that both the D90 and the Canon 60D don’t have. Let’s have a look at some of standout features:

It features a 16mp sensor that the Chase Jarvis team said performs as well as the Nikon D3 in the high ISO department, stating, “Great low light performance. Holds up for commercial to 1600-3200. Very usable for other applications at 6400. Same league as the D3 line.” That’s a big statement right there.

It does full-time AF during video recording and live view. That is huge, and will make video much more convenient, especially of children.

It has a newly developed AF system with 39 points, 9 of which are cross type. Meanwhile, Canon is still stuck with the same basic 9-point system dating back to the 20D.

It has dual SD card slots, enabling you more storage options, such as JPG on one card and RAW on another.

It does up to 6 fps continuous shooting, one more than the Canon 60D, but do you really need that extra frame?

Unlike the 60D, it does feature lens AF fine-tuning, which is something many Canon users were complaining about.

It has a built-in intervalometer. No need for that pricey remote any more. It’s about time as many compacts can do this.

The viewfinder is a large bright glass pentaprism with 100% coverage.

It’s covered by a magnesium alloy body shell, providing better weather protection than the 60D.

The body costs $1,199 to the 60D’s $1099, which is a small price increase for a lot more features.

The only thing it lacks compared to the 60D is an articulated swivel screen. And many people could care less about that.

Our thoughts

Like the Sony A-55, this camera packs a plethora of features into a small-ish body at a very reasonable price. If Canon thought they could lower their specs in order to match the Nikon D90, then they caught with their pants down, as this new Nikon D7000 takes the spec sheet to a whole new level. It outspecs the 60D in almost every way imaginable. The reports of image quality and noise performance being on par with the D3 are startling, and AF during movie recording is very enticing. If I weren’t so heavily invested in Canon glass, I might consider making the switch myself.

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Nikon also has a new 35mm f/1.4G200mm f/2G VR II, and Speedlight SB700 flashgun.

More images from the Nikon Press Center:

Nikon D7000 Rear View

Nikon D7000 Card Slots

Nikon D7000 Top View

Nikon D7000 Side View

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