New Video – Macro Extension Tube Set + Comparison Shots

If you’ve been considering a macro lens, hold your horses…

I just finished shooting and editing the video for the Aputure Macro Extension Tube Set. I shot around with it for a week to get a feel and get some comparison shots, and I came away quite impressed. If I was in the market for a macro lens, I would think twice before spending so much cash when you can get something like this for so much cheaper.

The only thing I would be careful about is the security of your lens. My heavy 24-105 was almost knocked off, as the release buttons on the tubes are easily depressed. With a smaller lens such as a 50mm, it’s not so much of an issue, but you’ll want to be careful.

Elva was our model once again, and she did a great job. Without further adieu, here is the video, and some comparison shots below…

Here are some test shots at the MINIMUM focusing distance:

no tubes

50mm lens + NO TUBES

1 13mm

50mm lens + 13mm tube = 0.30x

2 21mm

50mm lens + 21mm tube = 0.45x

3 31mm

50mm lens + 31mm tube = 0.75x

4 13+31mm

50mm lens + 13mm tube + 31mm tube = 1.0x

5 all tubes

50mm lens + ALL TUBES = 1.4x

 Jesse Warren is a photographer and videographer based in Shenzhen, China. 

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