Nikon D3100 hands-on-preview

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Nikon D3100

With the release of the Canon 550D and all it’s bells and whistles, Nikon had to do something to address the lower end of the DSLR market, and they did just that with the D3100. It is a noticeable step forward from the D3000, including video mode (with autofocus), a new 14 megapixel sensor, and more. The small and light body will undoubtedly appeal to a number of new photographers and soccer moms. We had a chance to play with the camera at Photokina, and we came away impressed. It feels more solid and more refined than the D3000. It adds Live View over the old model (of course), and HD video. The video mode switch will make things easy for those wanting to shoot movies. The ISO range has doubled to 12800, and judging by the preliminary results we’ve seen from the D7000, it could even be useful. Although rather small, the camera feels very comfortable in your hand, and adds a new rubber grip where the thumb lies. Coming in at a very attractive price point, it’ll be a much harder choice for those split between Nikon and Canon.

Here’s more on the D3100 from the Nikon Product Page and from DPReview.

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