Nikon Macro Tube Extension Set – Announced

AC-MN nikon macro tubes

Shenzhen, July 2013 – Aputure is pleased to announce the Macro Tube Set for Nikon, a set of extension tubes that will enable superb macro shooting performance with your existing lenses.

Don’t want to shell out all the cash for a dedicated macro lens? Get the Aputure Macro Tube Set and use them with your current Nikon AI lenses. They will enable you to focus closely, retaining TTL, AE, opening an entire new world of photographic possibilities.

Three different extension tubes (12mm, 20mm, 36mm) give you a range of options. You can use them either individually, or in combination with one another, for 7 different possibilities.

With our macro tubes, you’ll be taking beautiful macro photos of butterflies, flowers, insects, and whatever else floats your macro boat!

Main Features

  • Perfect for macro shooting
  • Supports accurate TTL meter  & AF
  • Compatible with all Nikon AI lenses
  • Strong, sturdy, & durable
  • Elegant design & ergonomics
  • Small, light, & portable

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