November Winner – High Speed

Well, here’s the last photo of the month before the world ends on December 21st.

And it’s a good one! Congrats to Xun Cai for her stunning image of a cyclist on the road. We’re assuming he took it while also riding a bike, which would be rather impressive.

Xun gets $50 worth of product from the Aputure product line. But that’s nothing compared to the $2,000 prize purse in our video contest.

Anyways, have a look at the excellent photos below, all plucked from our Flickr group.

1st place

© Xun Cai

2nd place

© Venu Gopal

3rd place

© Brad Conideras

Honorable Mention

© Maria Kanevskaya

Honorable Mention

© Sandra Ayala

And we have to give special mention to this absurd creation by zPrime…how can you beat that?

© zPrime


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