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Sometimes a photographer has a style that just screams “postcard worthy”. Christian Sanchez is one of those photographers. We came across his work while browsing the web and were immediately impressed. It’s no surprise that he is a teacher of Photoshop, but what is more interesting, is that he’s also a student of photography. Read on to learn more about this New York City based photographer…

Christian Sanchez © Christian Sanchez

Name: Christian Sanchez

Hometown: Forest Hills, New York

Tell us about yourself: I’m 38 years old born and raised in the city of New York. I’m currently a student in a photography school here in New York. I teach Adobe Photo Shop when I’m not doing photography.

How did you get started? I took interest at first watching my father paint in oil, water color, and pastel media. He is an outstanding painter.I believe paintings and photography are similar in many ways, only in photography the brush is your lens. Later on I took a course in Adobe photo shop and worked for a well known professional photographer helping him edit his work on the computer. By then I had trained my eyes to see the beauty of a photograph and understand the techniques.

Favorite camera and lens? I don’t have a favorite camera or lens. I strongly believe that the magic comes from the eye of the photographer.

If you could shoot anywhere/anyone/anything, what would it be? To shoot a huge gathering of people from different races holding hands getting along showing love and peace.

What’s your shooting style? I would say I have a slower approach than most photographer friends I work with. I analyze more than average when I’m on the field. I rather have one outstanding photo by taking my time than 100 snapshots anyone can take.

What’s your favorite photo? I don’t have any. (editor’s note: our favorite photo of Chris’ is the one above)

What’s your most memorable shooting gig? The New York city Halloween parade. I love to see costumes and people being creative.

Who is your favorite photographer? Why? I don’t have a favorite photographer.

What does the future hold for you? I would love finish my career as a photographer for National Geographic and travel the world.

A few more of Christian’s photos:

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