October Photo of the Month – Green Impact

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Any given month, you’ll find tons of great new photos in the Aputure Pool. This one was no different.

In fact, its getting kind of hard to choose contestants for for the finals. So many previous winners are continuously churning out incredible images. And so many photographers are in it time and time again, but just falling short of the prize.

This month, one of those “always-in-the-running” has finally won. Congratulations to Joe Dyer for his creative splashing image ‘Green Impact’. You can see many more of it’s kind on his Flickr page.

1st Place

Green Impact © Joe Dyer

2nd Place

One Dream © Deborah Naierman

3rd Place

Life goes by pretty fast. © Tuấn tỉn

Honorable Mention

Rapunzel © Maria Kanevskaya

Honorable Mention

Generative Primaries © Wilson Hurst

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