Off to VidCon!

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Boy does time fly! This year marks the 9th anniversary of YouTube and the 5th annual VidCon, the world’s largest convention of online videos. These few, but fast years changed everything. Just think about how many of us watch content or upload and review their favorite moments in life in online. In fact, unless you live under a rock, chances are pretty good that you’re one of them.


This year, VidCon is expected to attract 17,000 attendees, many of which are famous YouTube celebrities, vloggers, filmmakers and performers. The headliners include figures like Philip DeFranco, Rhett and Link, Freddie Wong, iJustine, Kingsley, GloZell, Shane Dawson, David Choi, Charlie McDonnell, Hank Green and many more, including…





We’re incredibly excited to be attending VidCon this year. We’ll be taking professional (facebook profile picture) photos for all the attendees, goofy group photos for all the friends (look out for the giant rage face signs), and, of course, showcasing our newest camera gear. We’ll also have a giant interactive cube (mysterious? I think so) and will be giving out these camera lens wristbands.




Sound awesome? Awesome.


Come hang out with us to celebrate online videos and the journey we’ve taken with them so far. See you there!


-The A-Team



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