One Glance Again: Lightweight LED Light Champion

Lighting Rumours just came out with a new review of our popular 528 LED video light series. Here are a few excerpts..

First impressions

“So, a brand new Amaran AL-528C straight out of the box and already I’m impressed by this model. Not only because of its fantastic weight, weighing in at a humble 540g, but its wonderful little carry case. The case itself seems to be of a good quality build and with the choice of either a hand strap or clips for an over shoulder strap it appears to be easy to carry around. The portability of the light and its handy light stand adapter which doubles up as a handle is perfect if, like myself, you are going to conduct lots of interviews at very impromptu times where setting up a lighting rig is not an option.”

Differences among the LEDs:

“Due to the sharing of space by the two different LEDs for your different colour temperatures, your Lux is significantly reduced. Compared to other models in the AL-528 series such as the ‘W’ and ‘S’ which have a maximum Lux of 1200 and 5000 respectively the ‘C’ has a limit of only 620. So if you are wanting to really brighten up the target in front of your lens you may want to invest in a few more of these units or perhaps have a couple of smaller lights to hand. As I would mostly be using this light for close up on the spot interviews and smaller scale events this unit offers the right amount of coverage I require for such shoots. A definite perk of the unit is that due to the ability of changing almost seamlessly from cold to warm lighting you don’t need to have the hassle of carrying around and changing to an orange gel diffuser as the LEDs do this for you.”

See the full review here. 

Some images courtesy of LR:

Aputure Amaran AL-528C

Aputure Amaran AL-528C

Aputure Amaran AL-528C

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