Photo Celebrities

Photographers and celebrities are not usually lumped in the same category. Usually one gets all the fame while the other simply takes their photos. But lately there is a growing phenomenon of photo celebrities – personalities in the photography world that are widely known, widely celebrated, featured, and in high-demand. They might not be listed amongst the greatest of all time (yet), but are an inspiration to other photographers, often speaking at conferences, lecture series, etc. Let’s see who is at the top of their game, examine their websites, their style of work, and more.

#1 – Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis © Kris Krüg

Jarvis is probably the most well known modern photographer. Fittingly, he gave an inspirational keynote address at the recent Photo Plus Expo in NYC. He shoots everything, and is just getting started in movie making, His website is simple and straight to the point, and his blog is followed by millions, with an active discussion following each post. His positivity, creativity, and energy have propelled him to the top. And with projects like the Best Camera, Seattle 100, and more, its easy to see why.

#2 – David Jay

David Jay

“The Tony Robbins of the wedding industry.” That quote from Jay’s website says it all. Jay was the first person that struck me as a ‘photo celebrity’. Everything from his website just screamed it. Sticking strictly to weddings on the photography front, Jay also engages in speaking tours. Like Jarvis, he comes across as being energetic and enthusiastic, while also down to earth.

#3 – Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet © Marco Antonio Torres

Laforet’s claim to fame came with his first movie – Reverie – shot with a Canon 5D mkII. After that, he became synonymous with HDSLR film-making, shooting for Volkswagen, etc. But it was his work at the Beijing Olympics that first caught our eyes, the beginning of his blog which has since become quite popular. And as a photographer shooting those same Olympics, it was fascinating to see another’s perspective (with access to much more high profile events).

#4 – Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star

Star, as befits her name, is probably the most famous female photographer in the game today. Her website is also among the most creative we’ve seen, designed to resemble a book. Although she hasn’t been in the industry very long, she’s risen to fame rather quickly. She is perky, pretty, positive, and talented – all the ideal ingredients for being a celebrity. Although she bills herself as a wedding photographer, we’d love to see her break out of that mold to see what more she is capable of. (Blog)

#5 – David Hobby

David Hobby

Hobby is the least celebrity-like of this list. His fame arises not from his personality, but from his expertise (not to say the others are not extremely talented). Building up a following with the popular Strobist blog, Hobby is the go-to-guy for information on 0ff-camera lighting. Such was his success from this venture that he was able to quit his job as a newspaper photographer and focus on all things Strobist – appearing around the world at conferences and workshops and inspiring untold millions to get creative with their flash.

Who else deserves to be on a list of today’s top “photo celebrities”?

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