Photo of the Month: Light in my Eyes

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Recently we announced a new monthly photo contest going on over at the Aputure Group on Flickr. At the end of July, we rounded up the best of the bunch and poured over them. Lots of great shots caught our attention, but there was one that stood out and garnered the most votes from company employees:

Light in my eyes © Simi S.

We love her smile and eyes, the black and white processing, the vignetting, and overall mood of the image. Simi qualifies for a $50 gift certificate to the online store or a free Aputure Trigmaster. If you’d like to have a shot at some photographic freebies, join the group, add some photos, and best of luck!

A few of the other finalists:

Splash © Ian Dixon

Two Things © John Mueller

Cold Water II © Jono Renton

Off Port Kembla © Steve Selby

Congratulations to all of the finalists and especially the winner! She’s taking home a free Aputure Trigmaster.

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