Photoshop with Chase Jarvis and co.

Post production is one aspect of your workflow that is vitally important for giving clients just the look they want. If you have your post production techniques dialed, it can make all the difference between a painful, slow workflow and and quick, convenient one; giving you more time for other tasks. Chase Jarvis is one photographer we follow, through his blog, and he recently posted a tutorial on one of his more famous images. It shows how his retouch guru Scott went from this:

Before © Chase Jarvis Inc.

…to this…

After © Chase Jarvis Inc.

At the end of the tutorial Scott makes this statement, “What’s important is that conceptually you understand the idea of isolating elements in your images to do custom treatment, and that you get excited about some different sorts of polish you can add to your images.”

Click here to continue reading the tutorial. And stay tuned for our own post-processing tutorials from Aputure.

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