Postcards coming soon…

Since the launch of our blog and our Flickr group, we want to tell as many people as possible, most of all Aputure users who can benefit from these new networks. Thus, we recently designed a “postcard’ to include in the packaging of our products. Several weeks ago we went up onto the roof of our building on a nice sunny day for a company shot to be included on the cards. After the formals were done with, what better way to finish a shoot than to goof around with the classic “jump shot”? Here is a 10 frame capture, but we thought the following sequence takes the cake.

Jump! © Aputure

This was just two frames out of many from an 8fps rapid firing from the Canon 7D. Too bad most of the girls in red are covered by the guys in black. Anyways, here are the postcards to be included in all Aputure product packaging:

Postcard Front © Aputure

Needless to say, we think the background of the original photo could do with a bit of alteration…

Postcard Back © Aputure

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