Preview: Nikon D7100 vs…Canon 70D???

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Notice: See our new 70D vs D7100 review here. 

Nikon D7100

Nikon has just released the D7100, and the Canon 70D is expected to be hot on it’s heels in March. Back in 2010, the D7000 knocked the socks off of Canon’s 60D spec-wise (until people actually started shooting with them). Now the giants are back in the ring ready to duke it out. The 70D isn’t here yet, but until then, let’s take a look at the D7100 and how it might compare. You can read all of the juicy details and specs over here. Here are the most important changes from the D7000…

New Crop Mode

  • One of the most impressive features to note is the new 1.3x crop mode, which gives your lens an effective 2x crop (similar to most micro 4/3rd cameras). This will be great news for birders, sports, and wildlife photographers, as will the 7fps that accompanies this mode.

Pro AF System

  • Another impressive spec is the new 51pt AF system, partially lifted from the D4, increased from the 39pt system of the D7000. But we do wonder, don’t all those black squares get in the way of your image making? The center point goes down to -2EV, not quite as far as the 6D. 

1080p 60fps video 

  • Also comes with the ability to shoot 1080p video at 60fps, but only in the 1.3x crop mode. But you still can’t change aperture when shooting video in manual mode. Darn.

Big & Bright Viewfinder

  • The viewfinder now has 100% coverage with 0.94x magnification – impressive for a crop camera. Viewfinders have never particularly been a strength on Canon crop cameras – we don’t see this changing.

Image Quality 

  • Taking a page from the D800E handbook, the D7100 has no optical low pass filter, which should mean sharper images and more detail. We’ll see how the 24 megapixels cope.

Build Quality

  • The D7100 also gets an upgrade in build quality (though the D7000 was no slouch) with dust and water resistance on par with a D800. Nice move for the wildlife shooters who test their cameras against the elements.


  • The price tag is palatable at $1,199 though, considering the feature set.

How will the 70D stack up? We expect the following:

  • swivel screen (please keep this feature)
  • similar 24mp sensor (how original)
  • built-in wifi & gps (blah)
  • new 11pt AF system lifted from 6D
  • $1,000-ish price tag (woohoo)

Or, basically a mini 6D/updated 60D. Stay tuned…

D7100 front

Nikon D7100 Front © Nikon

D7100 back

Nikon D7100 Back © Nikon


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