Remote Shutter Release – Options from Aputure

Triggering your camera from afar is something just about every photographer wants to do at one point or another. The reasons for doing so run the gamut; from not wanting to disturb your subject, to putting your camera on top of a 40 foot pole, to wanting to interact more with your subject, and so on. A wireless trigger is the perfection solution in these cases. If you follow this blog, then you’re probably familiar with our Trigmaster and Gigtube product lines. Of course, these also function as remote shutter releases. But we carry an array of other remotes that get the job done for a much more affordable cost. Let’s take a look at these, and see which one is best for your needs.

Aputure RF Remote

This is probably our most popular remote. It’s our smallest, most basic, and also the lightest on your pocketbook. It has a range of 50-70m, 16 channels, runs at a 433MHz frequency, and uses easy-to-find AAA batteries.

Aputure Combo Remote

This is our only remote that offers you both a wired and wireless solution. One of the coolest things about it is that it can trigger movie recording on your HDSLR via the IR signal. It also has 1 and 5 second delay modes. If your camera does not have an IR sensor, bypass this one.

Aputure Dual Head Remote

This remote is a wired solution which gives you a remote for BOTH Nikon and Canon – in one remote. It comes with a dual head wire, enabling you to trigger either camera. One at a time, of course. It includes both single, continuous, and bulb shooting mode options.

Aputure Digital Timer Remote

This is another popular remote – especially as it can do time lapse interval shooting, bulb mode, and has an illuminated LCD with time controls. If you want to shoot long exposure star trails, or program 100 shots and walk away while your camera does the work, this one is for you.

Aputure Pro Coworker

The Pro Coworker is a basic wireless remote that includes single shot, continuous, and self timer modes, and can be mounted on your hotshoe.

Which remote are you using?

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