Retrospective: A Review of DPReview

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I’ve been a member of dpreview since 2005. Over the years it’s changed a lot. And mostly for the better. Usually, dpreview does all the reviewing. But now it’s time to turn the tables. Thus we bring you a review of dpreview (although not nearly as in depth as theirs!)


Inspired by a friend, I started getting more seriously into photography back in 2005. He introduced me to a few great websites and blogs, which furthered the inspiration, and I was hooked. Naturally, I soon came across dpreview. It’s the best review site on the web now, and I’m pretty sure it was then too (but only just…) I found plenty of information to guide my purchases, and the forums also contained a wealth of social resources.

Camera Reviews

What can I say? They were the best when I joined in 2005. And they’ve only gotten better since then. Many other review websites have user reviews, and they’ve finally added this option as well, in the camera database.

Lens Reviews

I think most of us were happy when lens reviews entered the picture a few years ago. After an initial spurt of solid reviews, it seems they haven’t kept pace with camera reviews.  Indeed, we’ve only seen one review in the past year, and that was after a nearly year-long drought. Regardless, the charts and comparison tools available are some of the best on the internet. I wonder if something has happened that shifted priority away from lens reviews? Either way, I’d love to see them back.

Discussion Forums

Along with the reviews, this is among the best reasons to visit dpreview. Indeed, many of us spend hours and hours there! At first, you couldn’t edit your posts, and the thread width was absurdly narrow. But they’ve been spicing up forum functionality over the years. If you’ve got a question about anything related to digital photography, chances are you can have it answered there within minutes. Although it’s a shame that some people with extensive knowledge have been banned again and again. So play by the rules.

Other Features

Dpreview has done a lot to spice up the website in recent history. Galleries and challenges were some of the first additions. Recently there was a refresh of the website. I personally preferred the side navigation bar, but its no big deal. They added an Articles section, which seems to have largely replaced the old blog. There is also a new camera hub with a wealth of features, including search, comparisons, reviews, etc.


A lot was said when dpreview was acquired by Amazon. Discussions were rampant that they would sell out, lose their objectivity, etc. In fact, they’ve only gotten better. Amazon has surely given them more resources to make a great website even better. But please, bring back the lens reviews!



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