Reviews – Amaran 528 LED Video Lights

Our new Amaran 528 LEDs are lighting up the market!

Reviews are starting to come in, so let’s take a look at what some of the leaders in the DSLR video field have to say…

Video Review | First Impressions

“You will have to purchase a set of Sony NPF style batteries, but you don’t need to purchase a charger, since the Amaran LED light allows you to charge the batteries while mounted to the LED light (I haven’t tested how long to charge a battery). I have to admit, the digital display does come in handy when you’re monitoring power from a glance. Why doesn’t all LED lights have this?”

First Impressions

“The best accessory of them all is the bag. It is a self contained unit, which is a masterpiece of space usage. everything fits is nice and snug and it wraps up to a single self contained light kit. It feels very top notch quality. I would probably paid some nice $$ just for the bag.

After a short usage with the three units, I can definitely say they are a good bargain, for about $180 a piece they are to start with and build from.”


Nitsan Simantov – London Cinematographer

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