RIP: Underwater Photographer Wes Skiles

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You don’t often think of photography being a life-threatening activity (apart from war zone journalism, of course). But for underwater photographer Wes Skiles, it was exactly that. So much in fact, that it took his life recently in the deep water caves in his home state of Florida. His photography graces the cover and inside pages of the current issue of National Geographic magazine, and his demise is eerily foreshadowed by the editor’s note, which concludes that “our world is richer” for the work these photographers and divers do. His gallery of images on the NGM website is simply stunning. Take a moment to browse the photos, admire their beauty, and give thanks to people who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to bring us a greater understanding of the world.

We dedicate our shot(s) of the week to Wes Skiles:

Earth, Rain, and Fire © Wes Skiles/Karst Productions

Cave Crayfish © Wes Skiles/Karst Productions

Die Polder II © Wes Skiles/Karst Productions

Fantasy on Flight © Wes Skiles/Karst Productions

Lure of the Labyrinth © Wes Skiles/Karst Prod.

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