Self Portraits with a Pro Coworker

The shot of the week comes from a very talented 16 year old photographer, Maria Sardari.

She is doing an extraordinary photography project where she takes one self-portrait every day of the year – 365 straight days. And she’s using one of our remote triggers, the Pro Coworker, to do so. Of the remote, she says “it’s the best one I’ve ever had”.

This shot, 182/365, was added to the Aputure Group on Flickr. We think she stands a good chance of winning future photo contests, as many people in the office admire her work and this photo in particular.

182/365 © Maria Sardari

We love the lighting, the pose, processing, and the sense of mystery in all of Maria’s photos. She has a unique style of processing for a vintage look, and obviously a vast imagination. Check out her stream on Flickr. This is one teenage photographer with a bright future.

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