Self Portraiture with Gigtube Wireless

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You might remember Peter Tsai, who was interviewed here several months ago. He’s been busy at work with our new Gigtube Wireless, and has just written a blog post/review of the unit, showing how he was able to get a self portrait for an upcoming book:

Peter Tsai

Here’s an excerpt:

“Because you can see exactly what the camera is seeing, you can compose the photo through the lens – eliminating much of the guess work and randomness that comes with self portraits. The end result is probably the best headshot I’ve ever taken of myself… one that I’m proud to use in my new book.”

Peter's View © Peter Tsai

“This photo illustrates exactly what the Gigtube Wireless does, allowing the photographer to see exactly what the viewfinder on the back of the camera normally displays. This is very useful for self portraits and for photos triggered remotely from afar. No more running back and forth to see image previews on the back of the camera!”

Click here to read more from Peter and his experience with the Gigtube Wireless.

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