September Photo of the Month – Playing with Fire

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We are just returning from the Chinese National Holiday, and we’ll wrap up the celebration by awarding a new photo of the month. This month saw the addition of nearly 100 photos to our group, probably the most in a single month. And also a host of photo contest veterans and winners (4 out of 5). Anyways, the winner is new this time, and came out on top by a landslide (not that the other photos aren’t great too).

Congratulations to Laura Diliberto, who was also just interviewed on our blog last week. She’s in the midst of an amazing self-portrait series, involving loads of creativity, planning, and extensive PS work. Be sure to check out the rest of her stream on Flickr. She’ll take home a new pair of Trigmasters for her award winning photograph. She took the shot using our Pro Coworker Remote, which is currently sitting in #4 on our product poll.

1st place

Playing with Fire © Laura Marie Diliberto

2nd place

A meal of coat buttons © Ian Ho

3rd Place

Smiling Wasp © Alberto Rojas

Honorable Mentions

Family Portrait © Steev

Brown Heart © DaedaLusT

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