Shooter Spotlight – Jason Lee & Kids

Our next interview features some of the most eye-catching photos we’ve ever seen. Jason Lee has two adorable little girls, and comes up with some of the most inventive shooting concepts ever; some of which are downright hilarious. Aside from these conceptual shoots, Jason also takes impressive candid shots and portraits of his daughters which can be seen on his blog. Fueled by a rich sense of imagination, Jason’s pictures are sure to give you some inspiration for your own photography. Read on and check out the amazing shots. 

Name: Jason Lee

Tell us about yourself:

I’m a 35 year old father of two, and husband to my wife of nine years. I currently reside in San Ramon CA, but grew up in San Francisco.

How did you get started in photography?

I purchased my first camera a year before my first daughter was born. I still remember the camera well. It was a Sony F717, and I loved taking infrared photos with it. I soon graduated to my first DSLR, which was the original Digital Rebel. I assisted a few wedding photographers here and there, and eventually started shooting on my own.

Favorite camera and lens? Why?

Tough choice. That’s like asking me which is my favorite food. I really love the original Canon 1D, as well as the original 5D. If I had to choose right now, it would have to be a 5D and 85 1.2.

If you could shoot anyone/anywhere/anything, what would it be?

Tough question again. I really can’t answer this, as I have so many different things I would love to shoot. I’d love to go to Europe someday and capture a couple in love. Paris or Venice maybe? I’d also love to go to a remote desert location, not sure where.

What’s your shooting style? Photographic influence?

I like a variety of styles, but I’d have to say my favorite is composites. I look to my kids for influence and ideas. I love creative advertising work too.

What’s your off-camera flash philosophy? 

For the most part, in my wedding work, I look for natural light. If I can’t find it, I make my own light. For my personal work where I have more control, I usually just create it myself. You can never have enough light.

What’s it like being a wedding photographer?

In 3 words, Fun, Exciting, and Stressful. I absolutely love shooting weddings, and the engagement sessions that precede them. Capturing people in love, on one of the happiest days of their lives, nothing else like it.

What is the best thing about photography? Worst?

The best thing is about photography is being able to evoke an emotion from a viewer, whether its happiness, curiosity, or wonder. The worst part is the business side. Luckily my wife is an accountant and manages all the back end stuff for me : )

What’s your favorite concept photo of your kids?

I think this one has to be my favorite (see below). Holds true, even to this day.

Has anyone criticized you for some of the scenarios you shoot your kids in?

Not that I am aware of. Hopefully people realize that the majority of the photos are not real. Or are they ; )

How do you get new ideas for shooting your kids?

I keep a list of photo ideas that pop up randomly. So far its getting longer and longer, and as they get older, the less time I have to shoot them. The kids always do or say things that give me ideas.

What’s the most in-depth/time-consuming shot you’ve done with them?

I think this one (above). Although many of them take a few hours in post work as well.

What does the future hold for you?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’d love to do more creative work with my kids, and even willing adults, but I definitely enjoy doing what I’m doing right now.

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