Shooting in Malaysia with Hari Sundaram

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Recently while browsing Flickr, we came across a great image of a beautiful model with a certain company’s name in the background. Upon looking further into this guy’s stream, we found that many of his photos were extraordinary. And, that like us, he’s a fan of “normal” 50mm fast aperture photography. So we contacted him and set up this interview. Hari obviously has a passion for photography, and you can really see it through his pictures. Dive into the interview below…

Hari © Hari Sundaram

Name: Hari Dev K  Sundaram

Hometown: Selangor, Malaysia

Tell us about yourself : I live with my wife in Selangor, Malaysia. My hobbies are photography, travel, PC games & music. I work for Dell Inc., a Multinational US Based IT Company.

How did you get started? I have had a passion in photography since my childhood days. I started photography as a hobby and  I’ve been crazy for cameras since then. I was always the first person to grab my dad’s SLR camera for any family functions. I began shooting seriously in 2003 when I first bought my film camera. I’m a self taught photographer who really enjoys taking pictures of weddings, portraits, macros, nature, landscapes & etc.

Sunset © Hari Sundaram

Favorite camera and lens? My favorite camera will be a Nikon D3s and a Nikkor AF-S 50mm f1.4G. Why??? First of all, its my dream camera, I love the Nikon D3s is because its Nikon’s flagship model and also its a full frame camera which is good for weddings and it produces shallow depth of field too. About the 50mm f1.4 :-) wow it produces an extreme bokeh, light yet small and best for low light.

If you could shoot anywhere/anyone/anything, what would it be? Well, Since I’m a nature lover, I love taking pictures of landscapes like The Swiss Alps, a full top view from Mount Kinabalu, the Grand Canyon & the Angel falls, Venezuela. I also love to go for a Formula 1 Race shooting soon.

What’s your shooting style? Photographic philosophy? Low light shooting with available light in an unusual angle which makes a masterpiece. Since Weddings are the most important event of everyone’s life, my philosophy of photography would be weddings in candid and normal posed portraits.

Aputure Model © Hari Sundaram

What’s your favorite photo? Well, there are too many to say, some of it would be :-  Shot of the Moon, Sunset at the Beach, Model Portraits and etc. Why??? I love nature and to name one – sunset photos really attracted me since I was a kid, I admire sunset photos because of its beautiful orange lighting sky. If i would  travel anywhere I would not miss a sunset shot, wheather its at the beach or in the city.

What’s your most memorable shooting gig? Shooting some old temples in India, it’s made of granite stone which was made by people from the past. These temples can’t be seen anywhere in Malaysia. Awesome! I’ve also shot for my brother-in-law’s wedding and engagement ceremony.

Who is your favorite photographer? Why? Dom Bower – First of all, he is a Nikon user too and furthermore I like his style of pictures and he gives good tips on photography and good reviews on Nikon gears too. Since I’m a self taught photographer, I’ve learnt a lot from him through his website & videos.

The Moon © Hari Sundaram

What does the future hold for you? In the future I see myself freelancing wedding & fashion photography. At the moment , I plan not to quit my current job, planning to do freelance on the side. Then maybe in God’s grace, if everything goes on well, I will be doing full time professional wedding photography.

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