Shooting Jay-Z with a Gigtube

We just came across this f-stoppers video from one year ago highlighting one of the many creative uses of our Gigtube live view remote.

David Oppenheimer, a photographer with Concert Photos Magazine, used the Gigtube to take pictures of Jay-Z performing at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennesse. He attached the unit, which he calls a “PeriscOpp” to the base of a monopod, which he held in the air with camera on top. I like it when he says: “I found this device online, it’s called the Gigtube Aputure…” :) Well, almost. Anyways, his DIY approach paid off, as he came away with a bunch of great shots of the show, which you can see here on his Flickr page, and below. Here’s another gallery using the same method, featuring Bassnectar at Bonnaroo.

If you have an interesting photo or video project using one of our products, shoot us an email and let us know, and maybe we’ll feature it here on the blog.

Fstoppers Quicky: David Oppenheimer Shoots Jay Z At Bonnaroo from FStoppers on Vimeo.

Some of David’s shots of Jay-Z using his monopod Gigtube contraption:

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