Shooting with quirky Chris Lay

Some photographers are obviously passionate about their craft, and Christopher Lay is certainly one of them. Always looking for an excuse to go shooting, Chris has been travelling the world and shooting sights and cultures around the globe for a while now, whether it be Africa, Cambodia, India, China, and more. Always a joy to have on a photoshoot, Chris has a quirky sense of humor that sometimes works its way into his photography. For more on Chris and his photography, read on…

Chris and Family © Christopher Lay

Name: Christopher Lay

Hometown: Ashland, Oregon (currently living in Beijing)

How did you get started? Heavily influenced by my father and my third
grade teacher, Christopher Briscoe, who only taught a few years and
became a renowened portrait photographer. I still visit him ever year
or two and we check out each others’ work.

Favorite camera and lens? My favorite camera is an old Canon T-90
manual focus camera. It was noisy, but had a fantastic spot meter and
feel. It was also my first serious camera. I’m also a fan of a plain
old 50mm f1.4 lens. Very versatile.

Bird's Nest © Christopher Lay

If you could shoot anywhere/anyone/anything, what would it be? I already do, but my next challenge is to actually do studio fine-art shoots. I’ve some images in my mind that will require way more planning than I’ve ever done to make an image.

What’s your shooting style? Ambient light, street shooting. I like to
take life as it comes at me. That said, a little planning goes a long

What’s your favorite photo? Too many to choose. (editor’s note: our personal choice might be this one below…)

Self-Portrait © Christopher Lay

What’s your most memorable shooting gig? Probably wandering around temples at dawn at Angkor Wat in the late 1990s. That, or shooting in Inner Mongolia in the winter when it was way beyond freezing. Cambodia for the ethereal beauty, Inner Mongolia for the pain.

Who is your favorite photographer? Why? Ansel Adams, because he was a
master patience and discipline. But mostly because he made beautiful
shots that would be nearly impossible to reproduce. He’s also the only
photographer who’s name I can ever remember.

Jagdish Temple © Christopher Lay

What does the future hold for you? Moving more into fine art photography and exhibitions. I’m also developing a series of photos that require a lot more planning and set up than I’ve ever tried before. I’ve always avoided studios and complicated set ups, but I fear that’s where I’m headed.

View Chris’ work here: (popular photo-blog) (professional website and portfolio)

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