Shooting with the new 2.4G Trigmaster Plus

I’ve been shooting with the new 2.4G Trigmaster Plus for a few months now, and here are a few snaps from recent shoots, with a brief explanation of the lighting behind each one.  Nothing special, but created the desired effect. Please note that all these photos are straight from the camera.

Natural Light Street Portraiture

Recently one of my friends asked if I could do some “natural” portraiture for her. Her only request was “I don’t want the JCPenney look”. So I suggested doing what I love best: natural light street portraiture at night, augmented with a bit of off-camera flash. And she agreed. I shot with a Sigma 30mm 1.4  lens, usually wide open, and a Canon 430EX flash at 1/64 power. I tried to make use of the natural street light as well, both in the background, and in the illumination you can see on her hair.

Kris © Jesse Warren

Kris © Jesse Warren

Kris © Jesse Warren

The Shenzhen Prom Party Shoot

I recently shot (and organized) a prom party in China. There was a vintage motorcycle at the entrance, which we decided to lug upstairs and use as a prop for our “photobooth”. The setup was really simple: I used one Blazzeo Strobe to the right of the camera with a shoot-through umbrella. Lighting on the walls behind was constantly varying from the club’s lighting installation, and I dragged the shutter (about 1/3s for most shots) in order to pick up on this lighting. For many of these pictures, I was actually in the DJ booth about 10 meters to the left of the camera, and I used the Trigmaster Plus in Interlink Mode to snap from a distance. It worked out great! Although in the second picture, you can see the unit in my hand :) I shot with a wide angle lens for this one, both zoomed in and out throughout the night. For more, see here.

DJ CEO & date © Jesse Warren

DJ Quest & date © Jesse Warren

DJ Jailbreak & date © Jesse Warren

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