Shot of the Week: Starry Night

We are huge long exposure fans here at Aputure, and so we have chosen this shot by Steve Selby as our shot of the week.

‘Northeast from the Hill’ was taken with a Pentax K200D at 10mm, 166 sec, f/6.3, and ISO 100 in New South Wales, Australia. We love the big bright moon, the orange cast on the road, the rocks visible underneath the water, and of course the rock steady shadow of the photographer.

He used an Aputure Digital Timer Remote to fire off this beautiful shot, about which he stated “it makes life pretty simple for long exposures and multiple exposures to boot.” Great shot Steve!

Check out our group on Flickr for plenty more stunning photos by Aputure users.

Starry Night

Northeast from the Hill © Steve Selby

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