Station Chase with an RF Remote

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This week’s featured shot comes from Javier Odriozola, a graphic designer from Uruguay. Otherwise known as kanirasta on Flickr, Javier says, “this is the Aputure remote in action, shooting intervals and later composing different takes into one, just three people involved”.

Although the title implies a chase of some sort, we’re not entirely sure what’s going on here. It looks as if they could be escaping from an oncoming train? Going after the man in yellow (Javier – who looks to be dancing)? Anyways, we like the show of creativity and the sense of commotion and activity in the shot.

Station Chase © Javier Odriozola

It was added to the Aputure group on Flickr. Don’t forget about our monthly photo contest. Just by adding photos to the group taken with Aputure products, you could qualify for $50 worth of free photographic goodness.

Be sure to check out more of Javier’s stream on Flickr, and keep those great shots pouring into the group.

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