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  • The One-Stop Blogpost about Field Monitors

    11 August 2015 By Anurag rahul 0 comments

    Deciding on new camera gear is always tough. This blog post will discuss the benefits of using a field monitor to enhance the production quality of your videos and help...

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  • HOW TO: Remote Lens Control while Operating a Gimbal

    13 July 2015 By Anurag rahul 0 comments

    Congratulations! You just made the investment and purchased a shiny new 3-Axis Gimbal for filming. Whether it be the Freefly MOVI or the DJI Ronin or the Came-TV 8000 or...

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  • How to Light a Car Interior

    22 June 2015 By Anurag rahul 0 comments

    With production lighting, certain productions may require you to light a car interior. Whether the scene takes place at night or during the day, this will require some technique.   Step 1: During the...

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  • 5 Video-Making Equipment You must take

    06 November 2014 By Anurag rahul 0 comments

    While every video shooter knows they need a camera and lenses (maybe a tripod or a microphone as well), that’s where the buck stops. For most hobbyists, there isn’t any...

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  • Never Show Your Model Your Camera Screen!

    25 September 2014 By Valentina Vee 0 comments

    I see it in photoshoots a lot – the photographer, to appease the model, will show her what she looks like straight from the LCD or OLED screen of his/her...

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