The”2014 Hundred Regiments Battle” of Aputure Team interview

The”2014 Hundred Regiments Battle” of Aputure Team interview

We recently know that Aputure has attended a campaign organized by among 14 companies. Let us see how Aputure sales team fight for this campaign.


Q. What is the Hundreds Regiments Battle?

AIt happened in 1940, which was the most successful battle lead by Chinese Communist Party during the World War II. Nowadays, new hundreds regiments battle is coming back; organized potential companies to join the campaign, to challenge ourselves by fulfilling an ‘impossible’ sales target in 45 days.



Q. Then why attend the battle?

A: We hope every Aputure member has the self-challenge spirit. Of course, we hope you, the most important Aputure member, can take part in it, challenge yourself, and make the impossible possible.


Q. How many times have you attended?

AUntil now we have attended twice.


Q. What did you prepare before this campaign?

A: First, we set the target to each customer.

Second, the whole sales A team was divided into 3 groups for internal PK.

Third, our company made lots of reward and punishment policies to stimulate us.

And we prepared enough inventories for this campaign.




Q. I think you prepared more than this : Tell me something about your competitors? Are they very strong and powerful?

A: Yes, there are totally 14 companies joining this time. They are from different industries, all with an excellent sales team.

Before the campaign, we had a kick-off meeting, every company reported their target very confidently, and all the soldiers were very excited.

Also during our campaign, everyone worked very hard, working time was double as usual, and we always had some meetings with other companies to discuss our current status, encouraging each other.




Q. You must have an amazing data during the campaign, how about showing us?

A: There are nine members in sales team, and we sent out 17181 emails and 25584pcs products, which is about three times as much as usual.

The total overtime was 507.45 hours which is equal to 21.1 days.

There were 19 new clients in total whose orders were more than USD$1000. And it included a client from a new market–Brunei.

93 old customers among 51countries has supported us during the campaign.

Our warehouse staff had worked for 3 weeks in a turn without any weekend, so did Inspection Department and Product line staff. Generally speaking, they worked 4 hours extra time each day.


Q. What is the role of your customers in this campaign?

A: They are participant, but also beneficiary.

In one side, they placed more orders than usual, gave us great support to win the campaign, fighting for our common dream.

In other side, Aputure team offered them the utmost discount, no matter how big the order is. And we also offered best service, short lead-time, transport supports, etc.


Q. What is the most unforgettable or moving experience during the campaign?

A: In fact, we have many moving times want to share.


When others achieved at 50% of the target, my sales amount is zero. I felt worried and shamed, so I contact with my clients closely and timely, and hold every tiny chance to get customer’s support.

One of my clients came here for a visit, and he increased his order from $100k to $160k just in order to support us.


Two months ago, I am just a green hand, even at the last day of the campaign, when I just did just 30% of my sales goal, I didn’t give up, and At last I completed about 81% of the goal without any regret.


Q. How about your performance of the two battles?

A: Here we are glad to let you know that:  we won the first prize.

In 2013, our total target is USD 1.14m in 45days and we completed 110.15%.

In 2014, ours is USD 1.39m and completed 143.83%, and we are the first one of the total 14 companies.


Q. Congratulations.

A: Thank you.


Q. What is the meaning of this campaign you think? Or let’s say what makes the A team fight for these 45 days?

A: I prefer two topic words for this question, dream and team. Dream has become the topic word even since we started the campaign. Everyone has a dream, and attending the campaign we got at least a new dream for our work. The target we set seems really impossible to accomplish. However, to try to push our limits, to try to not shame the team, everyone works hard to win any bit of order.

I can say that finally we realize the dream, and during the process of chasing dream, each one in the team find a new self, and the team becomes more like a family, moreover, the bond between customers and us is stronger. Though the campaign only lasts 45 days, the spirit will keep the team and the company walk further.


Q. After the campaign, what do you want to say, is there anyone you wish to say thank you?

A: The victory is awarded to the Aputure team, but also awarded to all of our customers–the best partner and friend of Aputure!! Here we would like to say “THANK YOU” to them, and also say “THNAK YOU” to ourselves for our struggle and courage.

Aputure team will continue to work harder to be a better manufacturer and to provide the best qualified products. We believe we will build a better future together.



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