The Best Food Photography Studio in the World?

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Studios. Every photographer wishes they had one. Those that have them sometimes hardly ever use them (me!). Those you would think certainly have them, sometimes don’t (Strobist!).

Well, who knew a photography studio could be 100% dedicated to food, but outshine nearly all other photo studios out there?

While reading an article on Petapixel about an ad campaign for KFC, I came across the website of an incredibly talented photographer, with an even more impressive studio – Teri Studios.

Check out the pictures below, and click through to his website to see more.

TeriStudios in Cincinnati

teristudios 2

The Layout © TeriStudios


The main shooting room © TeriStudios

teri studios 5

The Rec Room © TeriStudios

teri studios 4

The Prep Room © TeriStudios

teri studios 3

The Kitchen © TeriStudios

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