The Best of Earth Day/Hour

Earth Day and Earth Hour both happened recently, and a famous photographer brought it to our attention that we should celebrate Earth Day with stunning pictures. So we’ll do just that (a few days late…)

Here are a variety of photo-essays dealing with not only Earth Hour and Earth Day, but also other fascinating aspects of our planet. Have a look…

Your Earth Photos – Nat Geo features the best of your very own Earth photos…and we must say, there are some good ones.

Aghanashini River, India © Dinesh Hegde

Images of Earth from Above – an excellent series from the Atlantic, showcasing aerial images of the Earth, it’s landscapes, cities, people, etc.

A View of Earth © NASA

April F-Stop – Surfline reminds us every month how much natural beauty we get to appreciate as surfers with photos like these.

Outer Banks © Matt Lusk/Surfline

Earth Hour 2012 – The Big Picture delivers again with a great series that lets you see sites around the world before (lit-up) and during (dark) during Earth Hour this year.

The Great Wall at Badaling © (Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

Hawaiian Waves – you’ve probably come across Clark’s work before, but why not check out these new photos from his website…

In the Barrel © Clark Little

Photographing the Northern Lights – a wildlife photographer that we interviewed a while back shares his first experience shooting the northern lights in Norway.  All we can say is…wow. More photos here.

Norwegian Northern Lights © Juza

Gangxia West Village –  this is part of a series that I’ve been working on, documenting the life cycle of a city block as it changes from old urban village into demolished lot into a modern shopping mall complex.

The Last Tree © Jesse Warren

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