“The Fastest Camera on the Market”-Phantom v2511

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Many shooters must be familiar with various consumer cameras in terms of video performance. But “the fastest camera on the market”, who can get an answer? Vision Research is an international company manufactures high-speed digital camera which are used in a broad variety of industries including: defense, industrial product development, manufacturing, automotive, scientific research and entertainment. Recently, Vision Research releases the Phantom v2511, which gives an answer to the fastest camera on the market.

Phantom v2511

Phantom v2511

The Phantom v2511 is a high-speed camera that is capable of recording video at an astounding 25,600 frames per second. As for other camera-related features, the Phantom V2511’s CMOS sensor is capable of a sensitivity of ISO 6400. But that’s only for color images. If you go monochrome, you can reach an even higher ISO mark of 32,000. And an image-based auto-trigger is added up which enables to setup the camera to automatically start recording based on the target’s motion. That way, if you’re waiting on an elusive action to happen, you won’t miss it trying to push the record button in time.

The Phantom v2511 will come into season in late August. The price is undoubtedly high, at least for most amateur shooters (even for many professional photographers). But, we are so lucky to see that our development of technology could record our word in an extreme fast speed.

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