Top 5 DSLR Video Websites & Blogs

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One application increasingly popular for DSLR owners is video and film-making.

Also called “HDSLRs”, pretty much every modern day DSLR can produce great looking video. And with fast prime lenses, one can achieve incredibly striking and shallow depth of field effects.

There are plenty of great resources on the internet for making DSLR videos. Here are the ones that we follow, and we recommend you checking them out as well.

1. Learning DSLR Video

Dave Dugdale

Skyrocketing to popularity from the early days, Dave Dugdale is no longer just “learning DSLR video” as the site set out to be. Now, he’s an authority on the subject, just recently introducing courses to improve your film-making skills. His no-nonsense videos are easy and fun to watch, and you’ll learn a lot just by perusing his archives.

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2. Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom

Apart from Vincent Laforet, Philip Bloom might be the most famous DSLR video shooter out there. His website features a blog with all kinds of news, reviews, and insights about DSLR video shooting. He’s also running a killer Movember Video Contest next month, in which he’ll be giving away a V-control, among other things.

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3. DSLR Video Shooter

DSLR Video Shooter

Run by Caleb Pike, this blog keeps readers well informed of great deals on DSLR video equipment. He has a regular podcast, and also a huge list of other DSLR video resources, if this one isn’t enough!

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4. DSLR Film Noob

DSLR Film Noob

Deejay Scharton does a fine job of informing readers about great deals, DIY methods, nifty gadgets, and other general info. He recently reviewed our new follow focus device and had some flattering things to say about it.

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Despite what the name may suggest, this site embraces more than just Canon, and has dedicated coverage for Panasonic GH shooters (which has proven to be a popular camera for video). Unlike most of the other sites listed here, they have a forum, and a dedicated video channel to showcase their productions.

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