Top 5 Photo Business Websites

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So you’ve been dabbling in professional photography for a while, shot a few weddings, done a few product shoots, and are considering going full time perhaps. There’s no shortage of people telling you not to waste your time and to find another profession. Surely, the photography industry has suffered a few setbacks. However, there’s also no shortage of resources to assist you along the way in your quest to make money doing what you love. I’ve been shooting professionally for about 4 years now, and these websites have been invaluable resources in helping me figure out the business side of things. Take a look, subscribe to their RSS feeds, and good luck accomplishing your professional photography goals.

1: Photo Business News & Forum

This site has been around for a while, and there’s arguably no greater guru than John Harrington in this field. His book, Best Business Practices for Photographers is also a handy resource.

2: A Photo Editor

This site is run by the former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outdoor Magazine, and it details all the inside aspects of editorial photography – valuable reading for those looking to enter this field.

3: Photopreneur

Another good website, which has all kinds of creative ideas and inspiration. This recent post about selling images without leaving the home was particularly interesting.

Honorable Mention:

Digital Photography School and Smashing Magazine are not photo business websites per se, but they still offer very useful information from time to time. DPS covers all things under the photography spectrum, and SM is geared toward web designers, but that’s a skill photographers often need to have, and they feature beautiful photos now and then, as well as tips for freelancers.

With these websites in your RSS reader, you have no excuse not to be prepared for the cold hard world of business. Then again, taking a class in business might not hurt either! Good luck…

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