Top 5 Photography Blogs in the World

Photoblogs are gaining in popularity every year. I remember the first time I saw one in the year 2004, and was instantly hooked. The minimal yet elegant concept of one photo prominently displayed on a website’s homepage was very appealing. It’s very eye catching and allows viewers to digest photos slowly and completely. Many photoblogs are updated daily; others at the sporadic whims of their owners. Over the years, I’ve been following quite a few number of photoblogs. Some have come and gone, but there are several that have stayed strong over time, always providing stunning imagery and inspiration to my own photographic quests. Here is a list of what I consider to be the top 5 photoblogs on the internet. Dive in and take a look!

Daily Dose of Imagery

This is probably the king of all photoblogs, and with numbers to prove it. Sam Javanrouh has been steadily blogging away for the past 6+ years, picking up many awards along the way. A graphic designer from Iran and based in Toronto, he documents mostly street scenes, architecture around the city, and the occasional travels. Frequently shooting with wide angles, his orderly and structured approach might not be for everyone, but it’s a primer in flawless photographic execution. Aside from his staple shooting style, Javanrouh keeps it fresh with many other techniques, and shows what is possible and fun about photography: panning, time lapse, macros, panoramics, tilt-shift, long exposures, and more. After following this blog for many years, I feel like I know Toronto myself.

Lightning Storm © Sam Javanrouh


This is unquestionably one of the hottest photoblogs on the net. David J. Nightingale is a former professor turned photographer/photoshop instructor, and with his talent there is no doubt he made the right move. Chromasia is a perfect example the amazing things that can be done with Photoshop. One of the standout features of his blog are his kids; he makes magical pictures of his children, and it has been interesting to watch them grow up over the years. Nightingale has nurtured a strong community with a very personal approach by sharing his thoughts and reciprocating comments. He is also not afraid of controversial topics, does a mean long exposure (more please), and somehow turns the bleak British seaside into a visual feast. Featured by Time Magazine, there’s a good reason this photoblog is in the history books.

Don’t Look Up © David J. Nightingale

A Walk Through Durham Township

Have you ever imagined life on an idyllic farm, or yearned to escape the city for something more peaceful in the country? Then dive into Kathleen Connally’s photoblog, showcasing life in her rural corner of Pennsylvania. She doesn’t always update frequently, but when she does, you’re in for a refreshing treat. Rolling hills of fresh crops, flowers and trees, portraits of locals, farm animals, and beautiful country landscapes are par for the course here. Connally makes excellent use of shallow depth of field, and her images are strong, colorful, and striking.

Bethlehem Steel © Kathleen Connally


This is a film-only photoblog, run by Justin Ouellette. He’s a New York Times employee, web designer, and photographer who churns out simple, no-frills film photos when he can.  You’ll find everyday items and sights you’d normally glance over that magically come to life through his lens. The pictures here won’t always make your jaw drop, but they will draw you in and keep you looking around. Grainy images are not uncommon, and the film look is very apparent. His site is an inspiration to anyone looking to pick up a film camera and expand from digital imaging.

© Justin Ouellette

Joe’s NYC

(also on Flickr if his primary site doesn’t load)

This photoblog highlights the Big Apple (New York City) as seen through the lens of photographer Joseph O. Holmes. As the domain suggests, this blog features a lot of street scenes, and Joe particularly works wonders with candid people shots. We only wish he posted more of these. He is able to extract interesting photos our of everyday sights: shop fronts, signs, architectural details, subway trains, and even a bit of nature here and there. Joe appears to carry his camera everywhere, shooting nearly everything, reflecting a true love for photography. His casual street style approach gives you a good sense of strolling the streets of NYC yourself.

Prospect Park © Joseph O. Holmes

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