Top News Photoblogs

Aside from professionals and individuals, mainstream media produces some pretty darn good photo blogs too. They are a source of inspiration for photographers everywhere, as well as a good way for consumers to digest news visually instead of textually. With access to staff photographers everywhere, they’ve got great images pouring in daily, giving us views around world. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Big Picture –

This blog gives you just what it says – BIG PICTURES. And lots of them. Updating several times per week, The Big Picture focuses on current events happening around the world. Every essay has a specific theme, and natural disasters are often featured. It’s very popular with viewers, and comments come pouring in by the hundreds, often leading to heated discussion and debate. This recent essay on the landslide disaster in Gansu, China was touching.

Girl on debris © REUTERS/Stringer

Lens Photojournalism – NYTimes

Lens features great photography on both  specific topics and general “pictures of the day” features. Updating often at nearly twice per day, it keeps a steady stream of good photo-journalism coming. The website design is nice and smooth, and the pictures load nice and fast. However it is the most unconventional of all designs here. Still, it’s hard to find better news photography than this here. This recent series shows the work of photographer Luke Sharrett around the capital in Washington DC.

Obama © Doug Mills/The New York Times

The Week in Pictures – MSNBC

This archive gives you a new slideshow of about 10-20 photographys every week, covering all manner of topics. “Award-winning photojournalism from around the world” is the tagline here. If you want to get a general visual idea of what’s going on around the world news-wise any given week, this is the place to look.

Dive Through © Dean Treml / Reuters

Photographers – What makes a great picture? – Reuters

When you think of journalism in general, you might think of Reuters – the largest news wire organization. With thousands of photographers in the field, there’s no doubt that can pull in thousands of great pictures every day. And their blog keeps a steady stream coming. Design more in a traditional blog format than the others, this one is perhaps the easiest to navigate. Here’s a light hearted series called Best of Britain – Work and Play.

Thrillseekers © REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

Which news websites do you enjoy going to for good photography?

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