Trigmaster Plus 2.4G Review Roundup

Just before our new 2.4G Trigmaster Plus transceivers were released, we handed over a bunch of units to talented photographers for testing and feedback, asking for unbiased opinions and reviews. Here’s a few of them. Stay tuned to this page as it will be updated when more reviews come online…

Lighting Rumours Review

“I could get all the way to 130 metres. To get past this, turning the camera into portrait position and keeping the aerial in the same way it was, I could push the distance up to 200m.”

© Lighting Rumours

Marko Saari Photography Review

“During the shoot I took around 300+ photos without single misfire. Based on that one shoot I can say these triggers feel to have solid reliability for studio photography.”

© Marko Saari

Vanished Twin Photography Review

“All in all, the Trigmaster Plus transceivers are a great transceiver, easy to use, very reliable, small, and use common AAA batteries.”

© Vanished Twin

Peter Tsai Photography Review

“That makes these units at least 3 times cheaper than the Pocket Wizard IIs with the same functionality enabled by default (you have to buy the extra cables for the PW).”

© Peter Tsai Photography

Exile Photo Review

“I can say that their overall quality and utility seems to be very high.  The units are compact, yet seemingly sturdy, simplistic, and well designed.”

© Exile Photo | Tyler jones

RAW Review

“Apart from that the fire every time. I’ve never once had that feeling of “I wonder if it will trigger” which is great as there is one less thing I have to worry about.”

© Tristan Jud | RAW

EY Photo Studio Review

“I am really looking forward to future announcements from this company that from all accounts looks very interested in fulfilling the needs of their clients.”

© Edward Yezekian

Tony Yang Review

“At only $60 for 2 devices, it’s an extremely good deal compared to PLUS II’s. The system is very easy to setup. Screw the remote onto a light stand, slide the flash into the hotshoe and you’re done.”

© Tony Yang


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