Tutorial: Basic “Interview” Lighting Setup

For our latest video, we rigged up some lights to highlight the Aputure Girls on Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t exactly an interview, but you could use this setup for any basic ‘one person on camera’ video.

First, here’s the look that I was going for (that’s Mary, our Sales Manager):

And here’s a diagram of how I created it…

Background Light

I knew that I wanted a colorful background, given the nature of the holiday. So I used a barn door grid and red color gel on an 800W continuous halogen light to get the reddish look on the background. Ideally I’d have two of these lights going at the same time, but I was limited equipment-wise.

Key & Fill Light

For the key light, I used our Amaran 198C LED video light. It was great to have the color temperature adjustment wheel, to dial in exactly the color that I wanted to illuminate the girls faces. The fill light was coming in through the windows in the background.

Hair Light

I also used the 800W continuous light for this one, but without any gels. I blasted it pretty much full power to the back right side of the model.


In the end I was pretty happy with the lighting achieved for this video. Just a couple of basic lights got the result I was looking for. Here’s the entire setup once more…

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