Urban Portraits with David Kerny

Our next interview features former photo contest winner David Kerny. He’s been getting busy with an urban portrait series which is rather excellent, so I thought it suitable to interview him. Read on to learn more about the young Czech photographer.

David Kerny

Name: David Kerny

Hometown: Prague, Czech Republic

Tell us about yourself:

I am 20 year old freelance photographer / graphic designer. Former applied arts, now fine arts student. My hobbies are – among others – art and visuality…

How did you get started in photography?

Since childhood I have been amazed by taking pictures as a way of capturing a moment – stopping the time, people, things – invoking emotions, sometimes making people thinking about the meaning of something.

First was taking pictures with a compact camera and friends cameras without any knowledge. In 2009 I bought my first DSLR – EOS 350D – a horrible thing but it gave me the basics – I learnt how exposure, aperture and all the things work.

Favorite camera and lens? Why?

I use the most simple Canon EOS 5D with 50mm F1.8 lens (enough said) or ultrawide 15-30 sigma, which is great, but does unbelievably ugly flares when shooting against the sun or flash. That is mostly why I’m going to replace it :) My favourite was 24mm TS-E tilt shift -also good. My dream lens is Canon 50mm F0.95 – but this will stay just a dream :)

What’s your experience doing freelance photography? 
I think with every new technology our lives are getting easier and harder at the same time…

For example: modern external flashes with built in triggers and such stuff are making more people do the exterior strobist photography – and then it’s hard to get noticed with “something everybody does”… Then the jobs are given to friends or acquaintances without challenging their photographic skills or style, etc.

The good thing about it is: this leads young photographers back to the roots – to improve composition skills, lighting creativity, concepts – the stuff which defines a real good photo. And doing no more first-sight visual masturbations, mostly over-photoshopped, but empty photos. (haha sometimes I do these too)

Advantages and disadvantages compared to a normal full-time job?

Being freelancer seems to me more creative – people contacting you after seeing your works know what to expect, they will leave it all on you and if not – you dont have to actually do the stuff they want – because no boss tells you to.

On the other hand – stable financial income is necessary to make up living – and it is not guaranteed by freelance working. Also no one will help you to get a job when no one knows about you.

What has inspired your urbanity series?

My computer graphics teacher back in high school – she was an artist and photographer. I was taking random photos and she gave me an idea of making a conceptual photo series, because some of the photos I was showing her had same elements. So I started working on a project with conceptual view of something surrounding us, something that we are experiencing and is influencing us.

What’s your experience with the Aputure triggers? 
These are just great- they even work with my 1955 film TLR, haha :) I like the design, size and variability of these. Sometimes flash trigger, sometimes camera remote, sometimes both!
If you could shoot anything, what would it be? 
I would like to shoot in space :)
What’s your shooting style? Photographic influence?

I’m always trying to do unique shots with balanced composition. Often I use unusual lighting techniques: moving in the cameras field of view and firing the flash manually, flash double exposure, lighting a person with flash at night and then leaving the camera to draw the rest with long exposure. I don’t like photomontages – I’m alvays trying to avoid them in photography leaving this technique to the graphic design discipline.

What is the best thing about photography? Worst?

Best things are mentioned above (in ‘How did you get started in photography?’)
And the worst? I don’t know.. Perhaps the gear is so expensive :)

What’s your most memorable shooting experience?
I’ve got a lot of these, people I’ve met, places etc. The most interesting place for my photoshoot was a huge 70’s building – a former gas company residence. Almost everything in the interior was stylised into gas pipes. There were two buildings connected with two huge pipes people were walking through. I felt like walking through USS Enterprise :)
What does the future hold for you?

I want to finish school and then I’ve got no idea :) what should happen will happen – that’s about it.

A few of David’s photos…

david kerny 1 david kerny 2 david kerny 3 david kerny 4 david kerny 5 David Kerny david kerny urbanity 1 david kerny urbanity 2

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