V-Control USB Follow Focus – Reviews

Our new V-Control USB follow focus device is on the market.

Reviews are starting to come in, so let’s take a look at what some of the leaders in the DSLR video field have to say…

Dee Jay Sharton – DSLR Film Noob

Video Review | First Impressions

“It’s nice to see that Aputure didn’t just make a clone of the Okii unit, but updated and improved the design. The V-Control is much more user friendly and easy to learn. If you’re in the market for a camera controller, the V-Control USB focus controller is definitely one to consider.”

Caleb Pike – DSLR Video Shooter

Video Review

Suggested Uses:

Macro filming, fine focus applications, jib and other situations where remote controls are required. At $190 its either an expensive toy, or a useful tool depending on your needs.


  • Tons of features.
  • Can program 4 focus points.
  • Excellent Accessories
  • Price isn’t bad when you consider what competitors are charging.”

Aputure V-Control USB Focus Remote Review from Caleb Pike on Vimeo.

Tristan Jud – RAW

From his review:

“The ‘Still’ option allows you to fine tune your focus, using Live View with more control then you would normally have. For those Product and Macro photographers out there this would be a great help. If your into focus stacking this little device will make it so much easier.”

Tristan’s video utilizes the V-Control in the opening clip…

City of Perth Timelapse from Tristan Jud on Vimeo.

Olivia Speranza – OliviaTech

Olivia gives a detailed run-down of V-Control and it’s functions…and she’s hot to boot!

Aputure V-Control – USB Focus Controller for Canon DSLR Cameras from Olivia Speranza on Vimeo.

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