VOTE – June Photo Contest

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May’s winner has been decided, and we’re back for another monthly photo contest with the 5 best selections from the Aputure Group on Flickr.

Remember the new rules for 2013: your votes will count for 50% and ours will too. The winner gets $50 of free shwag from the Aputure store.

Please take a look at the images and vote for your favorite 2 shots at the bottom of the page. 

Good luck to all the contestants!

Deer at Dusk © Arturas Kerdokas

Smoky Coil © Bhaskar Dutta

Smoky Coil © Bhaskar Dutta

Nature Daughter © Lady Malmo

Nature Daughter © Lady Malmo

Coke Can © Clinton Brandhagen

Untitled © Maxwell McCrady

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