What’s Hot at Photokina 2012

Photokina kicks off tomorrow and there seems to be no shortage of hot new products to be shown off.  Let’s take a look at what some of the leading companies are offering…

Canon EOS 6D – The newly announced budget full frame has a lot of people scratching their heads – only 11 AF points? One SD card slot. No pop-up flash? No swivel screen? 97% viewfinder? Oh, but you get wifi. Despite the disappointing specs, we predict this one will sell like hotcakes. Indeed we will buy one, appreciating the smaller size and lighter weight.

Canon EOS 6D © dpreview.com

Canon Powershot G15 – The ever-improving G-series is reclaiming some of it’s old heritage – namely that of a faster lens. The new one goes from f/1.8-2.8, but loses the swivel screen. Tough new competition from Fuji and Nikon have it on it’s toes though.

Canon G15 © dpreview.com

Nikon D600 – The first full frame DSLR to nearly break the $2,000 price barrier. Packing most of the features of the D800 in a D7000 like body, this is one extremely attractive package, and eclipses the Canon 6D in terms of features.

Nikon D600 © dpreview.com

Nikon P7700 – Ever since the P7000, Nikon has been attempting to dethrone the Canon G-series as the ultimate compact camera with external controls. They are getting closer and closer, by including a longer 200mm lens, and now a swivel screen (where the G15 lacks), but the Canon has the upper hand in the fast lens department.

Nikon P7700 – dpreview.com

Sony DSC-RX1 – Sony shocked the world by announcing this full frame compact camera with a fixed 35mm f/2 lens. It’s the most compact full frame camera ever, but comes with a hefty price tag of $2,800.

Sony RX1 © dpreview.com

Sony SLT-A99 – Coming straight from the future, this new Sony full frame packs 1080p at 60fps, Sony’s SLT technology, phase detection AF in live view, in-body IS, swivel screen and a host of features missing from the big two. Canon and Nikon, take note. The only thing we don’t like is the lack of an optical viewfinder.

Sony SLT-A99 © dpreview.com

Fuji E-X1 – This new mirroless from Fuji takes most of the renowned X-Pro 1 and packs it in a smaller body, without the hybrid viewfinder (EVF only), but adding a pop-up flash and an attractive price tag.

Fuji E-X1 © dpreview.com

Fuji XF1 – This new compact takes a page from the Canon S90/95/S100 playbook, with a pocket sized body, front control ring, fast f/1.8 lens (on the wide end) but packs a 2/3″ sensor that is 1.5x the size of the Canon. Looks like an attractive compact camera option.

Fujifilm XF1 © dpreview.com


That’s right, the hottest booth on the block at Photokina this year, the Aputure booth features the following products:

V-Control USB Follow Focus

V2 Video Rig

Gigtube Wireless II

Amaran Halo LED Ringflash

Pro Coworker II Wireless Remote

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