“Where can I buy Aputure gear?”

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Support your local camera shop first!

Without a doubt, the most frequently asked question I get is: “Where can I buy your products?” There are several answers, and here they are…

1. Your Local Camera Shop

We have dealers all over the world, and chances are they maybe stocking the goods. Just go to your local camera shop and inquire. If they don’t have Aputure gear, ask them to stock us. Chances are a distributor is in the area. And it’s always good to support your local camera business. Check out some of our favorites in neighboring Hong Kong.

2. Our Online Shop

The easiest, most direct way of ordering would be from our Ali Express Shop. Whatever product you want, you can find it there. Shipping is free, but will be on the slow side. UPS and EMS are available too, but at a price premium. Anyways, this is your best bet for our gear.

3. eBay and Amazon

eBay and Amazon are your best bets if you want the lowest prices and the best shipping rates. This is where you’ll find our gear being offered by our distributors and dealers, but availability is not always guaranteed.

4. Link Delight

This online store stocks most of our products as well, but they carry a price and shipping premium. If the above 3 options don’t work out, try your luck here. They also run frequent specials, and sell all manner of other photo things (and more) under the sun.

Happy shopping!

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