Why Amaran Halo Ring Flash better than others?

Last month, we have made a giveaway of Amaran halo ring flash on Chinese xitek .

And luckily, the winners have responsed to us with nice reviews.  I have gathered all reviews of amran halo ring flash in China. Let’s see their experience with halo ring flash.


Traditional ring flash commonly use real flash tube, but diameter of ring is limited to a certain size. It is not compatible with any creative circumstance. A few years ago, NIKON designed SU800 macro series combining the wireless trigger flash, wireless lamp holder, and camera adapter ring which bring much fun to macro photography. As for the expensive price, it  will make photographers draw back. The cost is  not necessary to most photographers. Thanks to developing of led techonology, we can enjoy light, flexible and more affordable ring flash recently. And aputure amran halo ring flash is also one of the popular.



Aputure package is very strict and standard, there are manuals, product series reference, warranty card, and 8 lens rings adapters vary from 49 to 77mm, it is very considerable.


I have listed some nice features then. The lens rings adapters are exquisite so rotate smoothly. Amaran halo ring flash has flash and long light modes, bringing us a lot ideas. It can left flash, right flash, full flash, and long light mode also does.

I have found it could get the best light effect in 20cm after i tried many times. And the shade will be bad in soften if i shoot farther, the brightness becomes smaller either.

It is better to wireless trigger halo ring flash when you want to get special light effect and it is easy to control the light angle. Amran  ring flash has various functions, and the most impressing are steady brightness output, correct color temperature and light weight.

And i have to praise the product designer because the it will activate  long light to focus once i half press the shutter button, it is really convenient function. As aputure says, it is really nice tool while used in macro photography and portrait.

Here are some real results with amarna halo ring flash:

micro photography micro photography mouse little sample amaran halo ring flash eyelight micro photography micro photography

If you’re considering this light for your macro work, read on to see what others in the field are experiencing, and be sure to scroll down and check the examples at the bottom of the page!

Photolife Review

“Since macrophotography is just a hobby for me, I was thrilled to find a very economical lighting solution…This type of light can assist in achieving great effects for your macro work…It is nice to have the choice of only illuminating one side to achieve creative shadows.”


Lighting Rumours Review

“Ring lights are useful for macro photography because they eliminate the tell-tale shadows usually created when using a conventional speedlight on camera…A useful bonus feature is that the Halo can be used as an autofocus-assist lamp, lighting up on a half-press of your camera’s shutter button”


Rodney Campbell’s Test

“For macro applications at close distances I think it will do a great job. Obviously the further the subject is from the lens the weaker the power will be so it’s not really for portrait or other work (unless they are very close) so it isn’t going to compete with real ring or other off camera flashes in that arena but for it’s intended purpose it looks very promising.”


DSLRuser’s Examples

Finally, here are a few excellent photos from user Remorhaz on the DSLRUsers.com forums.

© Rodney Campbell

© Rodney Campbell

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