World Cup 2010: Best Photo Essays

We are soccer/football fans here at Aputure, and with the conclusion of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, we’ve seen tons of great photos over the past month. So we thought we would round up a few of our favorite photo series and share them with you. Be sure to click the links, as plenty of more great photos await inside.

Preparing for the World Cup by This essay shows another side of the event that we don’t usually see. Boston’s “Big Picture” series are notable and always worthy of checking. This gets our pick for best photo series about the World Cup..simply great shots!

Aussie Team © Daniel Munoz/Reuters

This series of photos was taken by Sam Javanrouh in Toronto after Spain won the championship match. Through his Daily Dose of Imagery blog (which was featured on our blog before) we’ve seen that Toronto has a vibrant multi-cultural community that loves taking to the streets to celebrate. This shot with the glaring sunlight really caught our eyes.

fifa 2010 © Sam Javanrouh

The Game: World Cup Faces by the Denver Post is one of the more interesting series we have seen. This shot of a South African fan was the clear winner in our opinion, although there are plenty of other good ones.

South African Fan © Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Pictures from the World Cup by Time Magazine. Time photo essays are usually impressive, and this one is no exception.

Germany beats Uruguay ©

Top 100 Photos of the Wold Cup by Ollie Irish. This essay contains the first 50 shots in a two part series.

Beach Football © Ollie Irish

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