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-Built in Electronic Vari-ND Filter, 9 Stops of Light Adjusting -No Color Shift, No X Pattern -Smart Plug-In Design, Fit...
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DEC LensRegain

-Designed for MFT Mount Cameras and Canon EF Lenses -Magnification of 0.75x -Increase Maximal Aperture by 1 Stop -4 Element...
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-Smooth focusing gives extreme experience -Professional dampening design -Switch focus points rapidly -Total live video remote -Precise exposure control -Supports...
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V-Grip VG-1

-Smooth focusing, snap amazing moment -Remote control of a wide range of functions -Accessories for various methods -Supports firmware update...
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-Zero Latency (<1 ms) -60GHz millimeter transmission technology -Wireless High-definition Video & Audio Transmission -Supports Up to 1080@60Hz 4:2:2 Uncompressed...